Pampering Christmas Ideas For A New Mum

Looking for a super pampering Christmas present for a new mum - can be beauty but ideally something more fashion/lifestyle/home related. Budget max £70.

Some lovely new pillow cases.
Or bed cushions.
Vouchers for audible - doesn’t sound pampering, but so useful as a new mum and audible is so expensive!

Also just to say as a new mum, fashion is pointless with a new baby (clothes get ruined) and in terms of home, they likely won’t have time to clean or make food. Paying for a cleaner would be a good idea but anything else would be nice but unlikely to be useful. As a new mum I didn’t have any time for podcasts and audible…

Anything that saves time and makes the new mum look and feel good. I would recommend 1) The spacemask eye masks 2) sheet masks for the face
3) hair treatments like 3 min masks (Kerastase?) 4) nail grooming kit for manicure at home. If you can affford it - a massage or spa day!