Parents Finally Meeting

My partner and I have been together for 14 years, due to get married this year :slight_smile: :heart:

Due to no particular reason at all … my Dad and his parents have never met! We of course want to rectify this and have set dinner plans at our house for two weeks times.

They want to meet and of course I want them too also, but every time I think about it I get very overwhelmed!

Any words of advice to calm my nerves or tips for making it all go smoothly would be greatly appreciated. :pray:t3:

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Congratulations on getting married!

I remember being so nervous about my parents meeting my in laws - and it was honestly fine! I think I’d forgotten that they’re all grown-ups, responsible for their own actions and feelings, so there was no need for me to feel like I had to be in control of it all. It’s up to them! But everyone has your best interests at heart, and ultimately they want you to be happy, plus you’ll presumably have lots to talk about with the wedding plans, which gives you an agenda and will keep the conversation flowing…


I think that was exactly what i needed to hear, thank you Georgina! :blush:

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