Paris for a 30th birthday weekend

I’m thinking of going to Paris for my 30th birthday with my boyfriend on Easter weekend. Can anyone recommend any chic hotels (£300 ish per night) and ideas for things to do/great places to eat and drink while there? xxx


Obviously beyond the standard stuff like the Eiffel and Louvre you should definitely go to the Palace in Versailles and you can spend the entire day there! The gardens and fountains are just incredible!

Cafe de Flore for breakfast/coffee and croissant - they do a hot chocolate that is famous

Maison Malsherbes is a well priced boutique hotel i’ve stayed at a few times, it’s really well located as well.

There’s also an incredible chocolate mousse place - Chapon

If you can you should go to Montmatre there’s a beautiful church and a good viewpoint of the city.

I’m currently planning a potential Paris trip and using the SL city guide for hotels - the ones with the one £ have prices around 300 per night and are beautiful! Paris Guide | SheerLuxe

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You can go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for not much money - about 10€
A pre booked trip down the seine with Bateaux mouche is worth doing and sit on the top floor weather permitting

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I always stay at Hotel Rendezvous – and affordable and chic choice near Pigalle.

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I would suggest visiting the Rodin museum and for a good meal head to Marty’s.

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We’re also going to be in Paris over the Easter weekend purely because I’ve been dying to go to the Rothko exhibition before it closes - if art is your thing then I’d say that’s a must if you do go

We haven’t booked our hotel yet, but food wise I’d highly recommend Gigi, Coco, Loulou & Carboni’s - plus Sinner for late night drinks is also vvv fun x

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Have you seen our Paris guide? So many good ideas:

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This site has a couple of nice guides to Paris, written by native and v. chic Parisians!

Enjoy! x

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Hi Stephanie!

I love all things medieval and was completely blown away by the series of large tapestries of ‘The Lady and The Unicorn’.