Pear-Shaped Trouser Woes

Hi everyone, I am a pear shaped mum of a toddler who really struggles with dressing my lower body (even more so since having my daughter nearly 3 years ago!).

My waist is relatively narrow in comparison to my legs, and trousers never fit well, even when altered. My calves are chunky so I feel I can’t wear anything cropped and my knees carry weight so anything above them isn’t flattering.

I feel anything A-line makes me look frumpy.

I’m really struggling with ideas and have found myself a slave to leggings and jogging bottoms, even ones that aren’t flattering.

I am in a rut of comfort clothing and I hope to break out of it and look a bit more presentable again (more like my old self)!

Can anyone offer advice in terms of pearshaped figures?

Thank you all so much!

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These are some suggestions (I am not a stylist):

Skirts: midi skirts (pleated, satin slip skirts, wrap skirts, circle or panelled) - they are flowing and don’t fit tight like A-line skirts. Ideally you add some heels when wearing a midi skirt;

Trousers: wide-leg or bootcut trousers;

Upper body: structured blazers, off-shoulder tops, v-and u-neck sweaters, big lapel jackets/blazers, horizontal stripe sweaters. Try to accentuate the waist;

Dresses: maxi dresses, off-shoulder dresses, coat-dress, wrap dresses.

Hope this helps!

I’m a personal stylist. I’d recommend high waisted trousers, flat front, straight leg, wide leg or boot cut.
Ideally you want to create balance. No pleats or pockets (also a pear- but I love pockets in my trousers)
M&S do a really good wide leg trouser, Ideal for work or casual looks.
Just flying into a meeting at the mo, but happy to answer anymore questions :hugs:

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Have you tried a silky wide leg trouser? I think they are a great option and feel like you’re in your trackies! They are also easy to take up if you need any length off them. They look great during the day with trainers and a sweatshirt and fab in the evening with a blazer, which will streamline the silhouette even more. x

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