Perfect Black handbag under £250 please 🖤

Really need to find a perfect black handbag, I have the perfect black tote by All Saints and the perfect ‘date night’ bag by Coach with gold hardware. What I’m looking is for is an everyday crossbody bag, ideally leather for longevity. I’m up for something edgy but practical!
Thanks :black_heart:

These are a little over budget but great bags…

Not cross body but this Anthropologie bag is a great dupe for Bottega

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Thanks @Mia_Luckie These are perfect!

I second Polene – there is actually a Polene bag for sale in the pre-loved section on the community now!

Love this one, APC is a great mid price point brand, just a tiny bit over budget

This bag is not a crossbody but it is a nice practical black bag, it fits a lot in it too!

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