Personalised towels for new baby

Hello there, I would like to buy for a friend personalised towels for their new baby, I’m looking not for the specific baby towel with a hood but a towel that they can have for the long term so just a really premium towel but a brand that also personalises. I don’t live in the UK so looking for a company that does it all (rather than buying white company and asking someone to personalise). Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Sophie Paterson does a range with Coze Linen of monogrammed towels and bathrobes. They are gorgeous products :heart:

OOh thank you for sharing!

I find etsy such a good website for all things personalised from unique sellers! Always nice to support smaller owned brands too x

Christy are the original towel brand -they gave the first ever towel introduced in this country to Queen Victoria! You can get in personalised…

I love these too- the quality is excellent!