Phone Case

Anyone have any nice phone case recommendations? Nothing too colourful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Leahyeva!

Snake Hive do really classy leather wraparound cases. Just choose your make and model of phone to see what colours are available.

There are also a few slots for credit cards and a pocket, where you can stash a note or two, so you have everything you need in one wallet!

They also double up as a phone stand.

Add a shatterproof screen protector from a mobile phone shop and your phone will be well-protected from knocks etc.

I love Merch Amsterdam - they do these cool mirrored ones with copy on them
Coconut lane is cool for a cuter vibe Coconut Lane, or casetify for personalised ones

I have had this phone case for years – it has lasted so well!

I also love the personalised cases from Lafloid

Atelje have nice cases and you can buy short and long cords which are cute:

BURGA do the best phone cases! BURGA | Stylish iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Cases & Covers

I love Atelje! The Go To also has a great selection, especially ones that can be personalised

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Hey! I’m all over this so, I love Nudient, they’re so classic and they’ve got so many colours. I’m also loving Casetify as they always have a design to suit everyone - both bold and subtler, leather styles. (I personally love this cool design)

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Diesel has really nice phone cases and the prices aren’t too different from what you usually find from non-designer brands!

The ateljé cases are nice and understated, have a look in Selfridges. X

my go to is always Atelje

I have just bought a Peak Design case, they’re very smart looking.