Places like Soho Farmhouse

Love Farmhouse but it can feel a bit same-y and overcrowded at times. Plus I can’t bring more than 3 guests!
Would love people’s reccos for lesser known places around the UK with a similar vibe to Farmhouse for a cute weekend getaway with friends or a day trip for good food and lounging around. xx

*Extra points if it isn’t ridiculously hard to get to from London!


I went to Birch last August bank hol with my boyfriend and some friends and we had the BEST time. Super lovely vibe with gorgeous grounds. There’s a lido which is child-free in the afternoon, a fitness centre where classes are included in the price of your stay (you just have to book on) + they have extra events running during the week which you can book onto for an extra fee – I did a sound bath! Also, restaurants and a bar on site and a DJ on Friday night.

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They’re also opening one near Croydon really soon:


I didn’t know this – so exciting!

Retreat East is also cool and has similar vibes. You can use their bikes, stay in barns, relax in the hot tub, book treatments etc!


Birch is fab! Food fairly expensive but it’s v v fun - I’ve been twice and always such lovely people there x

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Ohh I also have Birch on my list, heard so many good things!

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The Newt in Somerset would fit the bill for a weekend. Gorgeous house & grounds (& spa!) and the most incredible food. Easy train from London & then 5 min taxi from Castle Cary


Oakley court near reading / Windsor Gx

love these thanks all!

The Pig - They are at various locations but they are known for their kitchen gardens and locally sourced food. Each location has it’s own unique charm.

Beaverbrook in Surrey - Just under an hour’s drive from London. It’s a luxury country house that offers a blend of classic elegance and contemporary design. It’s perfect for a weekend of indulgence with fantastic dining options and a lovely spa.

The Wild Rabbit in Kingham (Cotswolds) - A little over an hour and a half from London by train. This is a modern British Inn offering a combination of innovative cuisine and a cosy rustic setting. It’s the same village as Daylesford Organic Farm, so there’s plenty of good food and a lovely countryside to explore.

Then there’s Limewood Hotel in New Forest. This is about a 2-hour drive from London. It’s a boutique country house. It boasts a renowned restaurant and a luxurious spa, perfect for a relaxing weekend.