Places to eat near Wembley Stadium

Hi,Im from out of London and off to Taylor Swift at Wembley on Friday. We’re looking to eat close to the stadium before we head in,is there anything good round there? Thanks x


I hear the new Studio Five restaurant is the spot to visit for Swifties! They’re playing her music before and after shows this week, with themed cocktails, live music, and free Taylor Swift themed friendship bracelets.

I’ve not been here to try the food, but it looks like salads, burgers, and grilled veggie dishes are on the menu!

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It’ll be busy, but Boxpark has some great options!

I like Spoon & Rice.

Thankyou! We did Box park,we must have timed it right as no que at the bar and a seat to eat our food,was busy but a fab atmosphere and all the food(we got lots of different bits)was fab.

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Fab call but it was fully booked,note to self plan ahead.