Planning my Honeymoon in America - Need help!

We are wanting to do a long trip in the East Coast. We did want to go from west coast to east coast but worried we don’t have time to do that.

Would love any tips, destinations, places to visit, restaurants to book that people have for someone that has never been to America before!

Also - if you had to choose between Barbados, Bahamas or St Lucia for a one week holiday - where would you choose?

Thank you!

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My friend recently did the Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Bar Harbor route and loved it! Portland is a real foodie spot these days and Acadia National Park looks stunning!

In terms of the Caribbean, I’d definitely choose St Lucia. Barbados is great if you want to relax on the beach for a week, but if you’re after some outdoor pursuits (like hiking in the green mountains, scuba diving and visiting beautiful national parks) St Lucia is a dream!

Portland is a nice place to visit but there’s not really enough for more than a couple of days - it also depends on the time on year you’ll be travelling.