Post baby tum!

Can anyone recommend any particular products aimed at tightening/firming skin? I am looking for a product that can help firm the skin around my tummy button and general stomach area after childbirth!

It’s been two and a half years since I gave birth and I’m ready to try and get my firm skin back again! Or as much of it as possible ha!

I do lots of walking as a form of cardio and this has helped me get back into shape after childbirth but just wondered if there was a wonder product that could help neaten things up a little!

Maybe there’s a particular workout that helps too! I’m willing to try! Any help and advice appreciated! Thanks!

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Try Dr. Sebi Alkaline diet and light tummy exercises, i had same issue after my children’s birth
Dr. Morse lifestyle diet is also excellent for really healing the body

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I found reformer Pilates really good for abs post child birth!