Prague outfits in March


I am off to Prague for 5 days in March with my husband and I know it will still be cold at that time!

I don’t have many warm day time casual / off duty outfits and I am wanting to buy some for my trip, so any inspiration / recommendations welcome!

I am 50 going through a style crisis and want to look classic / timeless but with a bit of edge!

Thank you



Prague in March is indeed chilly, but it’s also a wonderful time to explore the city with fewer crowds.

  1. Statement Coat - A good quality wool coat in a classic cut is both warm and stylish. Think Camel, Navy or even a checkered pattern for a bit of an edge. A trench coat with a warm lining could also be a great choice.

  2. Layering pieces - invest in some quality knitwear - turtlenecks or cashmere sweaters in neutral tones like grey, black or crea.

  3. Stylish Scarves - add colour or texture with a scarf. A large blanket scarf maybe.

  4. Leather ankle boots with a low heel.

  5. Straight-Leg or slightly relaxed fit jeans.

  6. Leather crossbody bag.

  7. Stylish Hat, maybe a beret or a fedora.

  8. Leather Gloves

  9. Statement Jewellery.

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Hi dwright

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! There are some great points here to look at and some bits that I already have in my wardrobe.

Hi, for a timeless outfit I would always recommend minimalism and layering.

Start with a simple base, perhaps a striaght leg black washed jean and an oversized shirt. To elevate the look for more of an evening look add a belt and a pair of boots with a simple blazer.

I’d pack some good basics:

Some chunky knitwear and a fitted cardigan is always a good option to have too. x

Hi Amanda

Ref. the bag: Prague is a great place but renowned for pickpockets, particularly on the Charles Bridge and in touristy areas, where they operate in groups and pass the valuables to each other.

I personally would wear a small bag for essentials with zip fastenings INSIDE my coat or a bum bag I can keep to the front of me. You and your husband should not keep anything valuable in your pockets, particularly jean back pockets, as these are easy to access.

Only take out the money you need for a day and keep a close watch on your mobile phones. Maybe leave the expensive watch behind too.

Sorry for the tone, but a friend of mine was pocket-picked on three consecutive days and it ruined his holiday.

Perhaps your husband could wear something like this under his jacket and wear it to the front, not the back.

That said, have a great time!

Hi there,
Greetings from Prague :slightly_smiling_face:
We will be slowly moving from sleeping bags and woollen coats to thiner layers.
Spring coat or thick blazer and scarf with layers under, keeping alpaca or cashmere or merino sweater on you mornings and late afternoons, during the day eventually not needed. Then bodyhugging layer or shirt with top under.
If you wear skirts, then longer boots still good choice. If trousers or jeans thicker fabric and popular straight fit here with shoes or trainers (yes Sambas are the most cool these days, lol).
Jewelry - yes to. Mainly rings still in March well visible on the streets.
When it comes to bags, crossbody and backpacks you can see everywhere.
No need to be too scared of pickpockets as much as written in the other comment. Even yesterday we were on the Charle’s bridge and I would just be careful as in every other big city, when it is crowded.
Hope it helps, too.

Enjoy your stay in our beautiful Prague :kissing_heart: