Pre and post masectomy advice

My mum needs a masectomy and I’d like to support her in any way i can :heart: My understanding is that she may have reconstructive surgery but that will be a separate operation. I’d be extremely grateful for any practical/ psychological / fashion advice.

I know there must be some great advice and modern solutions out there but I’m too scared to google it at present.

Thanks so much in advance

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Hi Amelie, firstly I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through this, but it sounds like your mum has an incredible support network around her. Whilst I have no personal experience of a loved one going through a mastectomy, I recently wrote this piece in which I spoke to cancer survivors on the advice they’d give to others when it comes to supporting loved ones. I hope there may be some useful information in there - I particularly liked Freyja Hanstein’s quote on helping a loved one to feel like their old self by embracing the small things they love, whether it’s related to gardening, music, books, or another hobby. Is there something along these lines your mum might appreciate? How To Support A Friend With Cancer, According To Survivors | SheerLuxe

For the hospital, how about a lovely pair of slippers, a zip-up hoodie, soft and comfy pyjamas (assume button front would be most helpful) or a wedge pillow in a fun print to keep her comfy in bed? I have no doubt the nurses at the hospital will be full of wonderful ideas, too.

Sending love x

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