Pre-Loved FAQ's

How Do I Pay For An Item?

All items must be paid for through PayPal only.

The seller will only post an item once the monies are visible in their PayPal account.

What Can I Get A Refund For?

You can get a refund for an item you never received or for an item that is manifestly different to the item described in the Preloved Topic.

Can I Return The Item If I Changed My Mind?

Sellers do not have to offer refunds by law. If you want to return the item, we suggest you contact the seller and ask them for a refund, but remember, they do not have to offer you one.

Alternatively, you can always resell the item.

What Do I Do If the Seller Allows Me To Return The Item?

Make sure you post the item using a tracked, signed for method of postage.

Make sure you retain proof of postage for your records.

What Do I Do If My Item Is Not As Described?

If your item is manifestly not as described, you are able to lodge a dispute through PayPal to resolve the issue. To do this you must:

  • Open a ‘Not as described’ dispute through your PayPal account;
  • Upload proof of the items condition;
  • Follow PayPal instructions depending on their determination of resolution.

What Do I Do If I Haven’t Received My Item?

The first thing you need to do is:

  1. Start a conversation on the Thread relevant to the Preloved Topic you purchased or contact the seller directly who sold you the item, to ask for an update.
  2. Check the tracking number on the receipt to see the status of your order or ask the seller for proof of shipping.
  3. If you have done both of these but haven’t heard back and you have waited over 7 days since purchasing the item, then you can email for an update.

Please give sellers at least 7 days to get your item packed and posted before emailing us, they may be on annual leave.

How Do I Get A Refund If My Item Did Not Arrive?

If your item did not arrive, you will need to open a dispute directly with PayPal.

You can open a dispute from 7 to 180 days from the transaction date.

Don’t forget to escalate your dispute to a claim in the PayPal resolution Centre if you aren’t getting things resolved with the seller directly.

If you have been through the PayPal dispute process and still need a hand, then you can contact us on for some help.

How Do I Get A Refund If My Item Is Manifestly Different To The Item Described?

If the item you received is manifestly different to the item in the Preloved Topic then you can open a claim with PayPal. To receive a refund, the item must be significantly not as described.

To open a claim you must:

  • Open a ‘not as described’ dispute through your PayPal account
  • Upload any proof of the item’s condition or authenticity
  • If PayPal find in your favour they will first ask you to return the item to the seller using tracked postage
  • PayPal will hold the payment until the seller receives the item
  • Once the seller receives the item, the full amount paid will be transferred back into your PayPal account.