Pre-wedding outfit


Getting married at the Middleton Lodge in August and we are hosting a pre wedding pizza evening.

Looking for some inspo on what to wear, any ideas? I have rough £500 budget.

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Sounds like my kind of wedding :wink: I feel like white & pizza don’t generally mix, but how many times in life can you wear white to an event and get away with it? So I’m just going to suggest you’re careful not to spill anything down your outfit!!!

This Rixo dress is sooo cool, especially with the belt. The silhouette is quite understated but the sequins make it feel a bit more special, which I think is the balance you want to strike the night before your wedding.

This little mini is exquisite and while we’re on Aje, this midi is also dreamy.

hahah yes i’ve been thinking of getting a bridal bib just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for the suggesttions! very much up my street :slight_smile: