Preloved Chanel earrings

Hi guys, looking for a pair of Pearl drop cc earrings - second hand. Any ideas on the best Preloved sites/ insta accounts I can scour for this type of thing? Tried Vestiaire already.


Reluxe always has a lovely selection and also Susan Claplan

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Thanks Florence, great suggestions. Nothing on either at the mo but I’ll definitely keep a close eye on them :slight_smile: x

Luxury Promise is another great site to have on your radar x

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I always find that vestiaire collective have a great selection of pre loved, vintage pieces:

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I’m always checking hardlyeverwornit - looks like a few on there!

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Thanks sophie, definitely some on there I love pity they’re sold. I’ll be keeping a close eye!

Hi Meg, not sure if you’ve already found some - but saw these on HEWI and thought of this thread!! Chanel CC Faux Pearl Clip On Drop Earrings | Hardly Ever Worn It