Present for American In-Laws?


I am travelling to the states in september for my brothers wedding, where we will be meeting his new in-laws. My family and I want to come over with a gift or two that has an aspect of Britain about it but isn’t cheesy and overly tourist.

We have thought about alcohol but fear it won’t travel well with 14 hours of travel and a flight change.

I would love any suggestions!
(No budget really!)

Thanks all,


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Hi, how about a little hamper? Made up of British brands, like a Jo Malone candle, a nice Liberty’s tea towel or tote bag and treats such as honey / jam from F&M that will travel well? Something for everyone in there!

I think this is such a lovely idea! I think anything from Harrods too like English breakfast tea or shortbread could work in a hamper. Candles, hand soap etc. are all easy wins from places like Jo Malone and Liberty x

I bought things from these brands above too for my family in Aus! x

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Such a nice idea, El!

Anything from Fortnum & Mason would go down a treat - doesn’t get more British than that!

The biscuit tins would travel well and keep for ages - the chocolossus biscuits are so iconic and probably the best ones I’ve ever had!

Hi Eloise

It’s probably best to pack things which are fairly light and non-breakable:

London Transport Museum scarves

William Morris Blackthorn Silk Scarf

Sophie Allport’s ‘London’ range

Seasalt gift boxed scenic socks for women

Seasalt gift boxed scenic socks for men

Whittard’s Afternoon Tea Collection

Whittard’s British Icons Mini Tea Caddies

Have a great trip!