Product to get rid of acne scars?

I’m 24 years old and I’ve been dealing with hormonal acne lately in the area around my mouth and chin (associated with my PCOS disease).
I’ve managed to get rid of my pimples, but now I have some ugly acne scares I REALLY want gone.
Do you have any recommendation of a product that you think that can solve that? (If possible under 50 pounds)?

Thank you!


I have not tried this myself, but it has more than 3,000 five star reviews…

Thank you so much! I’d check it out x

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Such a tricky one! Sorry to hear you are struggling. If you can, always useful to see a dermatologist - can totally appreciate that may not be an option, can be hard to get an appointment / quite pricey.

Getting a derm’s opinion is great because sometimes they will be able to tell you what kind of acne scarring you have and then advise you on treatment. The three main types are ice-pick, box car, and rolling scars. (Perhaps worth looking into slotting a retinol into your routine as that is one of the ingredients that can help?)

I think just manage your expectations with topical products, as often the best results can be achieved by laser / IPL / microneedling. X

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I agree with Orin, definitely got to a derm if poss but also I have recently started using this by Skin Rocks and found it has really helped my skin texture!

I would recommend using a blend of Rosehip Oil, with essential oils Frankincense and Neroli or Geranium. All natural, and with healing properties. Rosehip is particularly good for scarring. Use a fairly firm touch to massage into the skin to break down the scar tissue and the oils will work wonders. Good Luck.

ive really found that vitamin c has been helping me a lot
i use the lumene glow drops x

I’ve booked one appointment with my dermatologist to check how to get rid of them! thank you so much!! xx

I have one bottle at home I’d definitely try this! thank you xx

I have booked one appointment! but definitely checking this product thank you so much

Adding it to my cart! thank you x

Hi there. I can relate to this if honest. Treatment will depend on the type of scars caused by it. Some might require more invasive treatment. Retinol and Nicinamide might help reducing some scaring. Use a high SPF as well. I do use LED lamp which I do find helpful. But I would recommend going to see a dermatologist if you can as they can determine the type of scar and best treatment plan such as laser or derma needling etc. or check out Dr Sam Bunting products too as well as her advice online re scarring.