Protein Bars Recs

I want to know which is the best out there? Some are overpriced and taste very dull…


One of my friends who’s big into fitness really rates Barebells! Most contain 20g of protein and don’t have too much sugar in them

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These are YUM Protein Bars - High Protein & Low Sugar – Grenade UK?

Thank you, I will be sure to check out x

Fulfil protein bars are really good - high protein and low in sugar, and come in so many flavours.

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Yes to Barebells, they are absolutely delicious.

Misfits are also good and well-priced.

I’ve also heard good things about Kinetica (their protein powder is great): Protein Bars | Nutrition Bars | Kinetica Sports


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Barebells are nice but I still prefer the Fulfil ones! They are the best IMO x

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thank you for the rec!

Vitl’s protein and collagen bars are really yummy! The Glow Bar is my fave - Dark Chocolate & Raspberry x