Protein Bars Recs

I want to know which is the best out there? Some are overpriced and taste very dull…

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One of my friends who’s big into fitness really rates Barebells! Most contain 20g of protein and don’t have too much sugar in them

These are YUM Protein Bars - High Protein & Low Sugar – Grenade UK?

Thank you, I will be sure to check out x

Fulfil protein bars are really good - high protein and low in sugar, and come in so many flavours.

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Yes to Barebells, they are absolutely delicious.

Misfits are also good and well-priced.

I’ve also heard good things about Kinetica (their protein powder is great): Protein Bars | Nutrition Bars | Kinetica Sports


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Barebells are nice but I still prefer the Fulfil ones! They are the best IMO x