Protein Porridge

I wanted to ask if anyone had come across a palatable protein porridge. Not a huge fan of the My Protein one. I had a great one a few years ago, apple flavour, but bought through a beauty salon and no longer live near there.
Would love something I could have at work and make when I get in. Any suggestions appreciated



I’m a big fan of the Fuel porridge pots!

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If you don’t mind a bit of meal prep I love this baked oats recipe I found on TikTok. I make a big batch on a Sunday and then portion up for the rest of the week and reheat it at work.

I add a scoop of the Form protein powder which is my favourite!

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I have protein porridge for breakfast almost every day but I find mixing my own is much better than buying ready mixed packs so I can control the amount of protein and limit unnecessary ingredients. I also use Form protein - I’m not vegan but it’s one of the cleanest formulations available and the flavours are really good. Protein baked oats as suggested is a great option too!

I’m also a fan of protein porridge. I tend to buy it over regular porridge