Hi Alexandra Any tips for an easy pudding/dessert? I am good (I think!) on starters and mains but always come stuck on desserts. Thanks advance

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If Im feeling really lazy I love an affogato. Just a shot of coffee poured over some vanilla ice cream in coffee cups. I love to add a shot of frangelico (which is a hazelnut liqueur) too.
Another favourite which is so easy but goes down really well is just some really good shop bought vanilla ice cream and a hot fudge sauce for a quick sundae. SO easy and ready in five mins.
There’s a really good recipe on my April How to host column 2023 (wont let me link it for some reason).

Also, the baked apricots on my How to Entertain SL column August 2023 are are also incredibly quick and simple to prepare. Just cut the apricots, break up the amaretti and almonds and get it on top before they go into the oven. (wont let me link it but if you search how to entertain august 2023 it should come up)

Then my fall back recipe is often just to do a chocolate mousse. You make it the day before too so there’s no work on the day.

If you have a bit more time. I have a recipe for a really good no churn ice cream (which you literally whip together and freeze, no need to keep going back and whisking) on my newsletter