Quick breakfast ideas

Hi there - looking for quick breakfast ideas - love things like overnight oats but could do with variations on this idea or similar prep ahead and grab recipes please.

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I love a frittata. You could make a big one Sunday or Monday and then slice it up for the week. I tend to go by eye but you just want lots of nice veg (I usually go for chillis, some leafy greens such as chard sauteed down in a pan with some garlic, then I love to add feta and sweet potatoes or squash if I have it and then just in with lots of whisked eggs. I usually use 10 and it lasts me a few days. You can also make them in muffin form and then they’re even easier on the go.
Another idea, similar to overnight oats but a bit different is just some yogurt packed with lots of nuts and seeds. Ill do a tupperware with yogurt, then flax, chia, sunflower, pumpkin seed , berries, a bit of granola and Im also really into puffed spelt. Then Ill mix it up on the way to work etc so it has a good bit of crunch. Simple but delicious and a party for your gut microbiome :slight_smile: