Really Sensitive Mascara

I need a simple waterproof mascara to colour and possible curl a little, no fibres as have very sensitive eyes (Dry/red eye sufferer). Tried a MAC wash off one but that had fluttery bits in, Clinique irritates now too. My eyelashes are very light and as I get older they need definition.


I have found the waterproof version of Lancôme’s lash-idole mascara good. They also do an eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes, which is the only product I have found does not create stinging and redness when removing waterproof mascaras…. Hope they work for you too!

Dior overcurl is good for sensitive eyes, but also agree that Lancome generally are quite good for sensitive eyes too.

perhaps give beauty pie a go - their formulas are all super gentle

Make-up artists are always telling me Eyeko’s are the best!

Have heard very good things about this

Hi. I am the same. I stumbled across UK Lash mascaras and I love them. I prefer the pink barrel mascara. They are not waterproof but have been great in torrential rain walking to work etc. I have even converted my sister and others to using it. Previously I used Maybelline Sky High mascara. I think they have a waterproof version? hope this helps.

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