Recent 80th Birthday party/memorable

My Aunt threw herself an 80th birthday party and it was the best Bday party I ever attended. First it was ALL women. 25 of her closest gal pals and fam. It was a ‘thank you’ for their friendship and love. We had games with prizes (everyone left with a nice gift like a bougie candle, gift card, book/socks, etc.) and even a few ‘zonks’ for laughs (cleaning supplies and books about aging).
There were beautiful florals, appetizers, food, decorations and goodie bag for each person. Two signature drinks (one pink of course). Cupcakes on stands for dessert. Karaoke provided the singing and dancing. 4+ hours of fun and laughter. The setting was the clubhouse of my Aunt’s apartment patio home development so not even her house was messed up!
EVERYONE RAVED ABOUT IT - they had a special time just for them, and every woman could be her authentic self without worrying about the significant other. It was my Aunt’s concept. We just made it happen (decor, invites, etc) and she footed the entire bill.