Recommendations for a treat in London between Christmas and New Year

I will be visiting London between Christmas and New Year and would love to have some recommendations for a treat! Places to visit, exhibitions to see, theatre, spa - I am open to all suggestions! Returning home on New Years Eve so wont be able to do New Years activities! Thanks Team!

Hello! The Cezanne exhibition at the Tate Modern looks so good at the moment and is on my list. I also really love the RA – there’s always something good on and all the bars and cafes inside are really lovely (as is the gift shop!) In terms of spas, Claridges has just opened an incredible-looking new one, and everyone always raves about AIRE for something a bit different: AIRE Ancient Baths Hope that’s all helpful!


Christmas at Kitchen at Holmes looks really fun and cosy - it’s an indoor/outdoor cinema and you can book private booths with blankets to watch a festive film. There’s also a new production of A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic, plus lots of fun things going on the Royal Albert Hall!

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A view from the Shard with Champagne.

Here is one deal, but there are others, so do some searching online.

Thank you! I will check these out! I have seen a Christmas Carol at the Old Vic and I can highly recommend! The mince pie as you take your seats is a clincher!

Thank you Sherri!

Loved the Design Museum today - really fascinating

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Thanks Georgie! I saw that on your stories, I have saved it and will book tickets! Thanks for the heads up!

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