Recommendations for hair laser removal in London

Hi anyone with feedback from their laser hair removal experience in London? Any recommendation on reliable places?


Therapie! And take advantage of the penny sale!

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Therapie is great and also sk:n clinic! x

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Thank you I will definitely check them out!

I use Sam at NuYu in Primrose Hill. She uses a slightly different laser machine called Soprano ICE which gives significantly less pain and irritation than traditional laser machines. It’s not cheap but Sam is wonderful and genuinely the treatment is virtually painless.

I would definitely recommend her, but if you’re not in London or it’s out of your price range then I’d recommend the machine at least. Good luck!

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HC Med Spas in North London also very good for Soprano Ice laser x

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Hi, have you completed your hair removal treatment with them? Did it work?

Have you done yours with them? Did it work?

Hi, yes I’m in London, Chelsea. I’m researching what are the best places because I’ve done mine in Italy some 10 years ago and it didn’t work. So this time I want to make sure I’m going to the right place. Did it work for you?

Yes. Although everyone is unique and will depend on skin type / hair type etc. Worth having a consultation x

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Did it work for you?

I’m currently going to Premier Laser & Skin Clinic which I would highly recommend! I initially paid for eight sessions then have paid for another six to keep me topped up over the next couple of years (you can really space out sessions once you’ve completed your initial course).

I noticed a difference straight away, and a big decrease in body hair after about 4/5 sessions. It is expensive but the time saved not having to wax / shave etc is so worth it! The one thing you have to be very careful of is going in the sun, so you can’t really sunbathe - I started my course in the winter which was a good idea for that reason.

Only wish I’d done it sooner - hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush:

I have had a lot of laser hair removal and personally I think Therapie is awful - don’t be deceived at the low price! Therapie is a big business, you can’t contact them directly and they are inflexible with their offerings. Much better to have a chat with a qualified aesthetic therapist / cosmetologist about what you need and to guide you through it, even if you are experienced to laser. I’m using 5th avenue in Tooting Bec for my laser top ups which is really good and so professional, and have previously used HC Med Spa in North London which I think is good too!

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I paid for 6 sessions initially and by the end of that I definitely saw a reduction in hair in all areas (legs, arms, bikini line & underarms) and the hair that is now there is much thinner in texture and more sparse. I’m now planning on doing a few more sessions to see if I can reduce the leftover hair any more and Sam is happy for me to finish at any point that I feel comfortable and happy to book in top-up sessions in a year+ for any hair that might have missed the cycle.

Prior to treatment, I had a lot of dark, in some cases wiry hair (probably owing from a mix of Indian and Irish heritage) which I’d have to shave every few days (especially in summer!) Now I’m going a weeks before having to think of doing any upkeep, so I’m happy with that outcome! Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I go to therapie in Victoria and I really rate them in terms of results!

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Although I don’t live in London- Glasgow- I used Skin and I believe they have clinic there. My experience was great and worked very well. I got it mainly due to dreadful in grown hairs and trouble waxing. Never looked back