Recommendations for haircare – hard water!

Hello everyone,

Our flat has really hard water and my hair is suffering from it! Does anyone have any tips or product recommendations – hair products, filters, etc. I’d love recommendations for anything you’ve actually tried and loved. There are some products out there that sound great but are pricey, so I’d appreciate any first-hand experience before I invest.

Thank you!


I also live in an area with hard water - we ordered this filter from Amazon ROYALTEC Vitamin C Filtered Shower Head Fluoride & Chlorine Filter – Softens Hard Water – Increases Pressure Saving Water - with Extra Replacement Stones : DIY & Tools which made a small difference but nothing drastic

I use a hair mask every other week - this one is my favourite
Aqua Boost Treatment 90ml – Glasshouse Salon

I also found Bumble and Bumble’s shampoo/conditioner to be really good, I use their bond building one Bond-Building Travel Kit | Bumble and bumble.

and then I absolutely swear by the ordinary serum, this is really good if you’re experiencing hair fall, I have so many baby hairs now after a year of using this (they started coming through about 6 months in) Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density | The Ordinary


Wow, thank you for your comprehensive advice – I so appreciate it! x


I recently purchased this new shower head: and I think it’s made a significant difference as my hair feels much smoother. Additionally my go to product for extra shine and a silk like feel is:

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Amazing – thank you SO much! x

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Urgh hard water is the worst!

I have this Purifying Shower Head – Hello Klean

I’ve absolutely noticed a difference too! The whole brand prevents damage from hair water - I recommend its other products too x



I really like Hello Klean, they sell shower heads and filters plus shampoo, conditioners and body washes which all help with the effects of hard water on hair and skin. Wash & Learn – Hello Klean

I also use Color Wow Dream Filter Treatment 1-2 times a month which is pre-shampoo treatment that filters out minerals found in hard water. Makes my hair feel really clean and soft. It also makes my colour looks really fresh after using.

Hope that helps x


I followed Becky’s recommendation and have been using a hello klean shower head for about three weeks after feeling so fed up of feeling the negative effects of hard water! I have definitely felt the benefits on both my hair and skin, so glad I got one!


Thank you Rebecca, Chloe, and Florence – definitely adding the filter and the Color Wow treatment to my list. Have a lovely weekend all!

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