Recommendations for Hurghada, Cairo & Tour of Pryamids

I’m off to Egypt at the end of the month and would love some recommendations for things not to miss in Hurghada & Cairo. Also if anyone has a good tour company to visit the Pyramids with please, that would be most appreciated :pray:


I haven’t been before, but remember reading this Raven Smith piece a few years ago and added it to my list of places to go!

He went again earlier this year, so it must be good! Raven Smith on Instagram: "SERVE IT ANCIENT CITY STYLE"

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You can easily take a uber straight to the pyramids (they’re in the middle of Cairo not out in a desert like you’d expect). Make sure you have cash to pay the entrance fee. Once your there it’s pretty straightforward to walk around from the sphinx to the pyramids themselves.

Then I highly recommend taking another 5 minute uber to the Mena house Hotel for a drink/snack outside with the best view of the pyramids in a beautiful historic hotel.

Top tip as well is that you do not need to pay extra go to go into the pyramids themselves-- its just a small/dark chamber which makes you feel a bit claustrophobic. If you want a really impressive tomb you must go to the Valley of Kings in Luxor, truly blows your mind. Or check out the Cairo museum for an exhaustive display of Egyptian history.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate this