Recommendations in Copenhagen

Looking for any restaurant / bar recommendations in Copenhagen, or things to do outside of the main attractions!
Heading there this Friday - Monday!


I went to Copenhagen in the summer and loved it!

The best thing we did whilst there may not be up your street…. visiting the pandas at the zoo! I never knew seeing pandas was on my bucket list until then. They also have a restaurant right next to them with a glass wall so you can watch them whilst you eat. The food at the restaurant was all Asian inspired and actually really good.

Aside from that Copenhagen is a great place to just stroll about- great little cafes/restaurants, shopping, parks and waterways. Just be prepared to be totally envious of the Copenhagen effortless style.

I haven’t been for years but it is on my place to go back. A few things we did:

  • Breakfasts recs: Mad and Kaffe, Sonny, Atelier september

  • Gorilla (for dinner)

  • You can get the train to Malmo (sweden), it is really cheap to get there but another way to see another place in a day. You don’t need long in Malmo (personally), but it is pretty and quaint

  • We climbed the ‘Church of our Saviour’, great views of the skyline

Have a lovely time!


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Some cool recs in here!

There are some good ideas in this previous thread:

Cap Horn - have the dover sole - it is delicious! & the mushroom toast
Levi - such a great concept italian-japanese fusion. The tasting menu is great.
Gorilla - great tasting menu - worth trying
Ruby - great cocktail place

Silberbauer Bistro!

Oh I think you have already been by now. So sorry I didn’t see this before. We were in Copenhagen for 3 month over the summer and we all - including all our guests - fell in love with Copenhagen. I hope you loved it too. And I hope you went to the market called Torvehallerne (for sourdough bread and buns, no one is better than Albatross & Venner there and their Canelès are divine. Try Summerbird for Flødeboller and blød nougat (hazelnut soft chocolate) and the salads and burger at Paleo - all torvehallerne - healthy and yum). I hope you went to Louisiana - you can rent an electric car on an app, so cool, or take the train to Humlebaek. And the museum for modern art is really lovey; Glyptoteket is stunning and has a great cafe and do visit the Design Museum Superb.
We have a 19 year old son and he and his friends from all over the world would go out, play board games (really!, there are cafes and bars where people do that all over Copenhagen, one of their favourites was Bastard Cafe) and there are so many cafes and nightclubs all over. They would come home with the sunrise - (ok this was summer, so it was never really dark), gloriously happy and in love with a new danish girl or boy every night and we were never worried. In London, I fear for his life every time his is out…
But rent a bike and follow the biking rules - like put your hand out when you turn, and up then you stop - or walk walk walk everywhere. All the tiny little streets in “indre by” the old town is full of independent shops, cafe and restaurants and fab book stores.
Walk by the Lakes (søerne) and do take a boat trip down all the canals and see all the new and old areas. They depart from different bridges in the old town, do a tiny bit of research to find the best. Or you can rent a boat - it is so fabulous and you can bring a picnic to eat onboard - it’s called GoBoat, on Islands Brygge.
The Royal Danish ballet is superb, so see what they have on. And there are free, short classical concerts most afternoons at the conservatory.

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Bit of a drive outside the city but this place was amazing
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
We stayed in Copenhagen Admiral Hotel which was good and great location.