Redefining 60plus

Hi Jo :sunflower: you really are a lantern for being young at heart :heart: - I dont think there should be people considered as “old people” any more - it is a worn out prejudice in UK culture that should be thrown out like other outgrown prejudices - after all anyone in their 80s was a 20 something in the Hip 60s ! and even guys and gsls in their 90s were in their 30s during the hip 60s - Mutty’s spirit is still 28 ! What do you think ?


I totally agree.
And its why I have never wanted to polarise older women.
I know I call myself Middleaged Minx…and if we are honest…Im well past middleage…
All I wanted to do was show that being single , at any age, and independent can be really good fun.
You dont have to ever feel ANYTHING is forbidden because of age.
THIS generation gets that…I work with really young people…and they treat me as one of them
When I was their age…would I have hung out with a 68 year old???
Probably not…thank goodness things are changeing