Registry Items

Struggling with a registry, what are items you would include/did include/wish you included?

Would love to see peoples answers to this too! I will be doing my registry soon!

I think the trend for occasion dinnerware has gone so we opted for something more relaxed and we still use everyday. Likewise with glasses. I’d recommend some lovely champagne coups but our crystal glasses that you can’t put in the dishwasher stay largely unused in our cupboard!
Tablescapes are obviously so big now I would have loved a few more options of placemats / linen / serving bowls etc to differentiate. It’s also a nice pricepoint for guests to buy and see used as well when they come over.
A set of good investment saucepans / knives is also a must. We went LeCreuset and they’re still going strong! Plus good quality linen for bed and bath.
Gadgets are also popular at the moment. I’ve seen a few Ooni pizza ovens on lists which is expensive but a fun addition!