Restaurants in paris

Hi! I’m taking my 17year old daughter to Paris for some shopping, eating and sightseeing.
Can anyone recommended some low key restaurants? Staying in Monmarte.


For a 17-yr-old I would recommend Bouillon Pigalle (close to Monmarte) which has lots of traditional French options, chic interiors and a laid-back vibe, or La Belle époqu near the Tuileries Garden is a bit more old-school and does the best desserts!


I loved Pink Mamma in Paris! It’s a very pretty restaurant with great food


second this! We got a seat at the bar where you can watch the chefs make the food in front of you - so much fun. For more of a treat you can’t beat Gigi’s


Pink Mamma is on my list it looks so fun!

I love Cafe Marley. I went for lunch and sat outside. It’s a great spot to people watch outside the Louvre! Last time I was there I stumbled across an Italian called Il Cuoco Galante which was a small neighbourhood restaurant (not too far from Montmartre) and the food was SO good. Chez Janou gets a lot of love on TikTok, I’ve not been but I’m keen to try – there’s often a queue at lunchtime. If your daughter’s ever watched Gossip Girl, Cafe de Flore – which they call out in the show – is also a great breakfast/lunch spot.


Yes! Can’t miss Cafe de Flore - even if it’s just to look at the outside, it’s so pretty!

Also Carette for the BEST hot chocolate but be prepared to queue as it can get busy

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