Restaurants near the Barbican

Hello - I am going to the Barbican theatre on Thurs and am looking for a restuarant for supper beforehand. Ideally suggestions would be close to the theatre but happy to look at Moorgate/ surrounding areas if nearby.

Any recs hugely appreciated as I do not really know this area! x

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Luca is in that area and it’s such a gorgeous spot. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the Barbican Centre but it’s honestly so good!


Looks so yummy thank you!

Ah – one of my favourite areas for food.

Here are my faves:

For something a bit closer, The Jugged Hare is fun for drinks and bar snacks.

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Thanks Heather! x

I love Barbie Green, really great Australian restaurant, recommend the Tuna Steak or Tandoori Salmon! LOCATION - BARBIE — DAISY | GREEN

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Agree Luca is a very nice atmosphere as well as good food

And St John’s food is always delishhhh x

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