Retinol for beginners

Hi! I’m looking to start using retinol but am so overwhelmed by the amount available, please could you advise which you recommend to start with. I’m
30 years old.

I recommend Medik8. They have different strengths so you can start with 1 then work up to 3, 6, 10. They also recommend to start once a week then every 3 nights etc. Take it slowly but do expect dryness/peeling skin - glycolic and nice thick moisturisers will help with this. But it’s totally worth it - such a great ingredient!

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I can highly recommend the Evolve Beauty Bio-Retinol Mask. It uses natural ingredients and a Retinol-like plant extract. So you get the same results but it is gentler and great for sensitive skin because it does not irritate.

I recommend starting with a very low % - my go-to is The Inkey List’s formula: The INKEY List Retinol Serum 30ml - LOOKFANTASTIC

The Beginner’s Guide To Retinol | SheerLuxe - do check out our SheerLuxe guide to starting retinol too - it’s full of expert advice that will help you get the best from anything you use

I don’t think you can beat the Sunday Riley one, but it is quite strong, so I’d suggest building up to it.

For a more gentle starting point and something a little cheaper, this is also great!


Are there any available which you can use - and which work - without your skin peeling?