Rhinoplasty Recommendations

Hi Everyone, would anyone have a recommendation for a great surgeon for a rhinoplasty please? My nose is crushing my confidence, and has done for years. Any help appreciated!


https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/ They have a great surgeon for rhinoplasty.

Thanks so much for your help! Do you know the name of the surgeon by any chance? Really appreciate your reply x

Ya his name is Mr Dario Rochira.

I’m really grateful for your help! Thank you very much

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No problem.

In my opinion, Dr Bibi Ghalaie is the best of the best. I really recommend her! She’s so great, puts everyone at ease, knows how to keep you looking like you and offers incredible advice x

Thanks a million Rebecca. I’m obsessed with Dr Bibi but I think she only does non surgical rhinoplasty, which is a shame, as I know she’s a perfectionist. Thank you again

Oh I see! If not, I’ve heard good things about Naveen Cavale: https://www.realplasticsurgery.co.uk/

Excellent, thank you! I’ll look him up!