Rixo Dress Neckline Issue!


I have a lovely Rixo dress, but unfortunately, I don’t wear it because I find the neckline is a deep V, which is too low for me.

I am looking for recommendations on how I could wear this comfortably. Being a 34 DD and menopausal, I don’t want to wear a black vest top underneath as I would get too hot. Additionally, since the dress is made of thin material and nipped in at the waist, I can’t wear anything too bulky underneath.

Thank you!

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This is a hard one but I think perhaps if it’s not working for you, you might be better selling the dress and finding a style which fits your shape properly.
If you are set on keeping it, it maybe worth taking it to a tailor to see if they can help with the neckline so that you feel comfortable without comprimising too much on the shape / style.