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I am hoping you can help - I have started attending my local park runs (very much a beginner) over the past couple of months and am looking to buy a new pair of running trainers. Would love to hear your recommendations!

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How exciting! I recommend heading to your local Runner’s Need and having a gait analysis done - it’s free and is a great way to learn more about your running technique and what style of shoe may suit you best. They also stock some great brands, but in general, I’d recommend Hoka, Nike and Asics. x

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Similarly to what Tor said, I’d really recommend getting a gait analysis done, as you’ll get recommendations of what shoe supports you best. Personally, I love Hoka’s as they are quite light!

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I hear a lot of good feedback from friends about Hoka

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Hoka’s are a favourite in the running community but if you have low or fallen arches, Hoka’s are not so good.

I went for New Balance Fresh Foam instead for better cushioning so I highly recommend a gait analysis before spending the money.

Another great running shoe are the On Running Cloud Monsters, they are rivalling the Hokas!

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I see myself as a beginner too! I was recommended these and love them! Super comfy x||10628703748|110516033888||c|EN|cssproducts|453317343305_GEOZ&ds_rl=1252249&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyLGjBhDKARIsAFRNgW_rXomFQzEfjFIY8efJANiGLa--ugn_KQHxxLSNn6axYTpFhruoDN8aAhFfEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

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I’ve just got a pair of these – really comfy from the off!


Lots of PTs I speak to recommend the Pegasus! Good choice x

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I did get the pegasus too as they were recommended to me, but running isn’t for me and I have so many other trainers for the gym so I am currently selling these through the pre-loved category as missed my return date in case you are interested :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your recommendations everyone! I really appreciate it - so kind to send details of gait analysis and links. I am going to book an analysis in.

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Love the look of these!

Exciting! Gait analysis is super useful and some brands will/won’t work from that. For example I always loved the cushioning of Hokas but found out that I really overpronate and need more stable ankle support and for that Asics are definitely the best in my opinion. I get the Asics Gel range and have done for years and think they’re amazing: ASICS | GEL-NIMBUS™ 25

If you tend to pronate inwards like me I really recommend Brooks as they make shoes with a reinforced inside sole to help your foot stay flat when running.

Can’t recommend asics enough for running! I had the worst knee pains running with nike so switched to asics as they’re made for running rather than a fashion brand and they cured all pains after about 3 runs! x