Sailing Holiday attire

I travel alot, and also sail so I’m always on the lookout for fashionable classy outfits to wear in the evenings that pack up small, don’t crease and fit into small spaces and hand luggage only. I’m 50.


I have a similar set like this which is so useful for because it packs small and the design is already crinkled!!

Thanks, Florence. Oddly enough, I’ve been looking at satin trouser sets myself and wondering if they would crease. That’s great. Any more ideas are greatly appreciated. I should have said that I have a slim build, so figure-hugging-ish outfits are also acceptable.

I just went on holiday and loved wearing linen sets in the evenings! They do crease in luggage but I find easily fall out when you hang them up at your destination.
I loved wearing something like this! x

Thanks, another great idea.