Sensitised / Rosacea help

I also would recommend products from Odylique. Especially the products with Rose in as this is calming

I’d recommend The Face Planner products. They have all been developed with a dermatologist, so you know the ingredients are good quality. The results speak for themselves but I love The Super Hydrator serum and The Eye Brightener eye cream - nothing too abrasive or stripping in the formulas x

Wow so many of us have this problem!
I have gone back to using Kate Somerville serum (purple bottle) for sensitive skin which is a skin-saviour! So I’d definitely recommend that and also the face cleanser in that range is great too.
I’ve also started taking collagen to see if that helps at all.
I think a lot of mine is down to sugar… seems to be a huge trigger for me :frowning: & like the lady with the gluten intolerance it can takes years to figure it out x

Hi, I was diagnosed with rosacea 3 years ago in my early thirties. As someone mentioned above, it’s best to uncover the root cause as everyone has different triggers. Lifestyle changes and a simple, consistent skin routine is best. I’d really recommend you visit a specialist. I found that everyone in the beauty industry wanted to ‘fix’ my rosacea and I was given such conflicting advice. Many therapists would offer a facial, which isn’t going to treat the condition. I found a skin specialist local to me who reduced my redness within a couple of weeks by recommending a very simple skin routine using Environ products. Years later I still follow the same routine. Everyone’s skin will be different so I would be cautious of running off to buy products recommended by others who don’t understand your skin condition. Using multiple different products likely won’t be helping either.

It might also be worth looking into your gut health as that impacts skin massively.

I am now pregnant and my rosacea has flared up again and I’m struggling to control it. It really shows that what is happening inside impacts us more than what we put on the outside of our skin.

Wishing you luck on your rosacea journey. It can be a challenging condition to live with. I have accepted that it’s something I will always need to manage and can still get frustrated with the flare ups. I hope you find what works for you and your skin

Hi, I have slight rosacea on my cheeks, it flairs up when I use too many active ingredents… I bought the BYOMA rang when it launched and it’s really nice, the packaging is crap, but the product is really good, no more rosacea!! Especially love the hydrating serum! And it’s not too expensive to try out :wink:

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If you’re looking for slightly more longer-term, I’d really recommend microneedling facials. I started getting these 6 months ago as I have a few acne scars that I wanted to minimize, but the lady who does mine highly recommended these facials for rosacea sufferers.

hi kitty I just saw your reply, :face_with_peeking_eye: have you heard of micro channeling? I don’t think its hit the UK yet… but my New York colleague has been telling me all about it… and sounds amazing! and yes I would love to try micro needling! thank you for the rec x

hi Laura thanks so much for your message! i’ve realised that fragrance is a huuuge no no for me (after I spent a fortune on Sisley :dotted_line_face: )
I travel a lot and I think using different water on my face doesn’t help, nor air con! can I ask how you found your skin specialist? i’d really love to go to someone to help me and to stick to one brand. My skin is having a flare up at the moment even though I haven’t changed anything :frowning: just been traveling a lot . and yes gut health- I have thought a lot about this! however, again, don’t really know who to go to for help with that x

I’d recommend Odylique’s Rose Moisturiser. It’s organic and very calming for rosacea. It’s available on their website and Naturisimo. They have sample sachets on their site you can try too