Sensitised / Rosacea help

Hi, I would love any recs for sensitised / rosacea skin.
I cannot use niacinamide as that makes my skin react instantly - ironic as that’s usually recommended!
Mine is mainly weather/seasonal affected… always worse in winter & ok in summer.
Even my ride or die Drunk elephant La la retro isn’t helping at the moment so would love any advice.

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Dermalogica barrier repair is amazing for sensitised skin xx

I have been using dermalogica smoothing cream (I think it’s called) but I’ll look into this one thank you! X

Hi - I have a similar problem, Centella Asiatica is often recommended as soothing for sensitive skin (and found in Avene and La Roce Posay ranges) but it makes my face hot, red and tingly. I have also been noticing this when I use my red LED mask, which again, is supposed to be good for sensitive skin, which similar to you, I get more so in winter.
In the past I have liked the Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream. I also liked Lala Retro, such a shame it’s not working for you at the moment. At the moment I am using La Roche Posay Toleriane, which is made especially for sensitised, allergic skin. I really like the serum and they have a range of different weight moisturising creams, all very basic and soothing. I’m following up with a new Kiehl’s barrier repair product called Ultra Facial Advanced Barrier Repair Cream and finding it is really keeping my skin steady.
I also LOVE the Glossier After Baume, its a really thick, deeply moisturising barrier cream. My skin feels so comforted when I use this. I don’t think it has niacinamide and it has some approval seal from the (US I assume) National Eczema Association. This is like Lala but more moisturising, more comforting

Hi Rebecca thank you so much for your reply!
I also have a LED mask but haven’t used it regularly to notice if it helps/ hinders.
So interesting about the ingredient you said to avoid because I used some La Roche posey B5 someone recommend to me but my skin felt so awful so maybe that’s why! I’ll look into the other LRP range you mentioned.
other creams I’ve used with ceramides I’ve reacted to but I’ll look into the dr jart range you mentioned.
I haven’t been using acids so my barrier can’t be compromised but every winter seems to get much worse :frowning:
I find using some tan luxe drops helps to disguise the redness.
Also I HIGHLY recommend ultra violette spf 50 the blue and lilac tube. It’s slightly tinted so helps cover redness and is a great base for make up plus sun protection .
Thank you so much :heart:

Hi Samantha - you’re welcome! :blush:
Yup the LRP B5 product is from the Cicaplast (centella) range. I reacted badly to the Kiehl’s centella products in the past too. It’s so disappointing when things that are supposed to be gentle/soothing for your skin end up not being so as you don’t know where to turn for something that just makes your skin feel better!!
In the past when I have had reactive skin I used plain acquoeus cream it’s super plain and SO boring to use :sweat_smile: but it is a safe bet, its mainly used for eczema rashes. I use it for about a week to calm things down and then go on to the more glam barrier products.
I haven’t been using acids either and actually fine I get on fine with most acids all the time but also find the winter and central heating gives my skin such random dry, sensitive, itchy patches. So hard to predict!
Love the sound of the Ultra Violette SPF - my skin gets sensitive to SPF around this time of year too! Thanks for the recommendation. And tan drops are the best aren’t they :heart_eyes:

My friend has rosacea and she swears by La Roche Posay Rosaliac range x

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I have managed rosacea for many years and quite successfully. Avoid any products with fragrance, oil or acids. Alcohol and caffeine can aggravate it as it dilates the blood vessels and capillaries. For flare ups, Rozex gel 0.75% helps very well. Avene Cicalfate Restorative Protective cream helps calm it down as it has calming properties and zinc in it. Best to use it at night as it is quite rich and can leave a white cast because of the zinc. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance is the best moisturiser in my opinion. Wear SPF every single day as sunlight will affect rosacea as well but again best oil-free and fragrance-free. My favourite is Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40 as that one does not have niacinamide in it. It’s a tricky condition and requires a lot of ingredient reading but it is worth it in the end. Many products on the market supposedly for rosacea contain fragrance and I would steer clear of those for sure. Good luck!


thank you so much everyone! I am working my way through all the advice :smile: xx

I was in germany last week and the water reeeeeeally aggravated my skin which wasn’t so helpful :woozy_face:
the Sephora wasn’t great but I found dr jart barrier repair mask helped and Bador SOS ampoules.

Odylique is a Soil Association Certified Organic, British family owned beauty brand that specialises in products for sensitive skin types, including rosacea! You can find out more on their website here. A great option is the Timeless Rose Moisturiser

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Hello, hope your skin is feeling less sensitised. I experience the same with Niacinamide and it is frustrating as often recommended and it is in such a huge number of products. I used to use Dr Jart until they changed their formula and added some fragrance. Their mask, however, doesn’t seem to contain the added ingredients and is my go to if I have a skin flare up before an important event/meeting etc… I found that Byoma Hydrating Serum available at Cult Beauty works wonders. I’d suggest buying the refill as the pipettes never seem to work. The Jordan Samuel moisture recovery cream is very soothing and I use it at night. Lots of amino acids and it works well with all the ceramides in the Byoma serum.The Drunk Elephant moisturiser also irritated my skin.

I swear by Avene treatment for rosacea, there is a day cream and a stronger night cream. The anti redness extremely gentle cleanser is great too. I also use a teaspoon of Manuka honey to wash my face every morning. It is miraculous. Just massage into skin and rinse off…

Also avoid any product containing oil, and eucalyptus is a huge trigger.

Try cutting gluten and use soolantra
I suffered for 5 years before trying this.

I have had rosacea for five years and after years of anti biotics and trying all sorts, it’s now under control and I am no longer on doxycycline. I am now gluten free and use soolantra for flare ups. Rosacea is caused by inflammation and you need to get to the root of the cause for me that’s gluten and it’s changed my life around. I wish someone had suggested this to me years ago!

Avoid products with fragrance as this can sensitise the skin further and cause allergies to other ingredients

Hi, i have rosacea for decades and have tried all sorts of cremes and serums with little result. I now tried the cape aloe serum from my natural Africa and I’ve had compliments from friends on how calm and glowing my skin looks. The only change that I did to my face ritual was adding this serum. It’s all natural products and works wonders on my sensitive skin. Totally recommend.

I love the Frezyderm red skin range - the moisturiser is so soothing and effective, and I use their CC cream as my foundation 80% of the time. It covers redness so well and is affordable x

I have super sensitive skin and I love skinceuticals phyto corrective serum and La Roche Posay cicaplast balm, they have saved my skin numerous times

We have just written a piece on site about this today!

Read more here:

SL x

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