Sequin Maxi Skirt Outfit

Just bought a Sequin Maxi Skirt but do not know what to wear with it. It is for a dinner birthday party. Please help

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I wore one recently with a relaxed, fluffy knitted jumper which I think worked well!


Agreed, a fluffy knitted jumper will give it a nice elegant touch!

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agree! A knit is such a chic option. Also a tank and oversized blazer works well. x

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What colour for the fluffy knitted jumper?

A silk shirt works as well or a statement knit:

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I saw that article, got inspired. I was contemplating what to wear at first because I saw a Sequin black short, was going to buy that with a satin-finish shirt but changed my mind.

Thanks everyone for helping :grinning:

I have been having the same dilemma! I think something simpler on top- a white shirt, knit or plain T-shirt and blazer looks sleek!

I was thinking the same, I take pictures and show everyone what I have decided to wear with the skirt