Series recommendations

Hey !

Does anyone have any good tv series recommendations ??

I’ve just finished Black Bird, with Taron Egerton - It came out last year but if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend ! & It’s just 6 episodes so easy to commit to !


I’m rewatching Breaking Bad for the second time - it’s so addictive! I’m planning on watching Better Call Saul afterwards which is a spin-off from Breaking Bad but apparently very good!

I also love Killing Eve, Fleabag, The White Lotus and Gilmore Girls (for an easy watch)


Killing Eve is an all time favourite of mine too! I started watching Manifest, which is very entertaining so far but not the highest quality show.

If you don’t mind watching something in a different language I absolutely loved Lupin (french) and Dark (German).

Mindhunter is on my list of what I want to watch - which I think could be a vibe if you like black bird!


Prepare for the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers with Mindhunter - Netflix confirmed it has been cancelled and there won’t be a season 3, so there are sooo many loose ends that will never be answered :sob:


Omg that’s so upsetting! Maybe I won’t watch after all!

I’ve been watching a few other Apple tv shows which I’ve loved!
Tom Holland’s latest show “The crowded room” is soo good - top tip is to not read around the show or find out anything about what it’s based on as it can reveal big spolers!

Hijack - idris elba’s new show - says what it is on the tin - but also so much more.

Ted Lasso - totally different vibe but so good for a feel good easy watch

The morning show - watched it ages ago but rewatching and it’s another gripping one


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Yes love Ted Lasso! The Morning Show has been on my list of things to watch too

I’m watching The Crowded Room on Apple TV which is has been good so far but I really enjoyed We Crashed about the demise of We Work. I’m quite late to it but just in case it also passed you by I thought I would mention it!

Colin from Accounts was great.

I also loved Emily in Paris. Just froth and perfect!

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LOVED Black Bird! Another mega Apple TV series if you haven’t already watched is Severance, or if you have Disney+ the second season of The Bear comes out today so you could happily binge watch the first knowing you won’t have to wait - it’s absolutely brilliant

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I am loving the spice trail with Joanna Lumley, documentary every Wednesday is so interesting.


I’ve just finished watching Beef on Netflix (I binged watched it!), Lupin is great, and found The Last of Us gripping!

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On Apple TV Hijacked is very good (especially with the lovely Idris Elba!)

Also loving Ted Lasso too, the episodes are short and they’re an easy watch at the end of a long day!

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Recently, I have binged on:
Firefly Lane (Netflix)
The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window (Netflix)
Riches (ITV)

I’m also watching The Great British Sewing Bee

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Omg I am LOVING Manifest – I know what you mean about the quality when you start watching, but I am so into the storyline and characters

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Drop of gold on Apple TV is an amazing series !

I love ‘The Traitors’ series, especially the UK one. Not so much the US one as it felt like a repeat because it used the exact format.

The Traitors Australia is fabulous family viewing.

I would massively recommend Apple TV - very good line up at the moment

  • Silo - Has a story line of twists and turns and keeps you gripped to the end
  • Shrinking - Best show so far this year. Really feel good, laugh out loud moments mixed in with more serious topics
  • City on Fire - Not yet finished it but enjoying it so far. Interesting characters and cliffhangers each episodes - making you want to know what happens next.

I’m big into action or legal/fbi/cia box sets. These will be a mix of Netflix, Prime & Sky.

Jack Ryan
The night agent
Last king of the cross
The diplomat
The blacklist
The blindspot
Greys anatomy
Strike back
The terminal list
Firefly lane
And just like that
Emily in Paris

I honestly do have a life & don’t spend all day on the sofa!!

I am currently watching Under the Banner of Heaven, it’s giving Sinister meets True Detective vibes if you have watched either of those! It’s also only 7 episode, I am really enjoying it so far, it’s on Disney +

Also have to second Tash, Severance was one of the best TV Shows I watched last year, a long with Sharp Objects but recommend you read the book first!

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