Short Dress Advice Needed

I have always had a terrible inner judgemental voice about my legs. They are strong and im proud of that but ive never been confident enough to wear anything remotely short!

Im going on my hen in August and have brought a gorgeous pink dress from H&M for it but, you’ve guessed it, it’s SHORT. I’m talking… if i have a few drinks I best have nice underwear on.

I would love some genuine hacks on how to make me more confident in getting my legs out. Are there tights I could consider? Tanning? ‘Send the dress back girl you’re being ridiculous!’?

Thank you in advance! X

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I would say that having a tan does sometimes help with confidence. We recently had spray tans by Tan Luxe in the office and I would really consider using them again for an occasion/ trip.

If you are worried about underwear you could consider wearing shorts instead of a dress? This way you can take that worry away, there are so many nice short and top sets around right now. Otherwise it might be a good idea to test out wearing the dress sometime before the hen? Hope you have an amazing time x

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Thank you Florence! I’ve actually opted to return it… my friends reminded me I can be quite clumsy haha

No dress is worth losing my dignity over! X

Ah hope you’ve found something else!

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