Simple Christmas Party Cocktail recipes needed

In desperate need for some simple recipes that are still festive for a party - nothing too complicated or pricy, and something that can be made in bigger portions.

Thanks so much! x

You cannot go wrong with a St Germain Spritz at Christmas in my opinion. Can be made in bulk with sparkling wine or prosecco.

The French 75 is a similar vibe, but arguably less sweet than the one above (plus you can alter the sugar level depending on taste) French 75 Cocktail

I use for cocktail inspo, there are loads of recipes and you can usually find something depending on what spirits you have in your cupboard

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Make a huge vat of negronis – it can be made in advance and isn’t tricky to make – just pour over ice. Just make sure people don’t drink too many or you’re asking for trouble, haha!

Otherwise, I’d look at some of the canned cocktails out there, like Moth or the newly launched Lockdown Liquor ones, as they’re so easy and you can have a mix!

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champagne with a slug of sloe gin is a winner on Christmas morning!



The Champagne Snowball from Difford’s Guide’s top 20 Christmas Cocktails is soooo good…20 best Christmas cocktails

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Christmas Punch
2 cups orange juice
2 cups cranberry juice
1 cup pineapple juice
1 cup ginger ale
4 oz. Vodka ( raspberry vodka if available)
Combine in pitcher, serve over ice. Enjoy!