Skin Help!

Hi all. I’m at my wits end with my skin…

I’ve had a rash on my face for what feels like forever… which is basically tiny bumps, which often end up in a dry rash which becomes itchy. It’s less noticeable with makeup on but it’s really getting to me and nothing seems to make it go away :frowning: I’ve used several creams from the chemist (who said it was either a viral rash or dermatitis) but with zero success and they just dry it out more. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I think I’m going to really have to strip back on what I’m using product and ingredient wise. Does anyone have any recommendations? i.e cleansers, moisturisers, foundations?

Additionally, if anyone has been for any facials or seen a particular individual with a similar concern, I’d love to hear! x


Oh Jess, sounds such a pain for you! What are you currently using on your skin/has routine changed?

When things like this happen I really believe in taking it back to basics with gentle brands like cerave, la roche and vichy - nothing fragranced either and only non-comedogenic skincare.


I’d definitely recommend booking to see Justine Kluk. She’s a fountain of knowlege and a real advocate of less is often more.


Oh so sorry Jess!

I had a similar thing not too long ago and it was an allergy to something! Like you said, I’d strip back your skincare and makeup and slowly reintroduce, that way you can work out what it could be. It could also be a combination of ingredients on your face, really check the labels as some ingredients just don’t work well together and can cause a reaction and irritation (i’ve also made this error).

In terms of makeup I’d opt for mineral based foundations/ bb creams that won’t aggravate the skin, Erborian is really good for this. It’s a Korean make-up brand and it’s my ride-or-die.

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Hi Jessica

It actually sounds like a form of eczema to me, as my daughter and I both had something similar. It could be a reaction to certain foods (e.g. dairy) or even atmospheric pollutants.

Whatever the issue is, this cream will heal it - rich and full of natural plant extracts.
Apply it liberally and give it plenty of time to sink in. At first the bumps will show up more, then as the cream is absorbed, they will fade. You need to use it morning and nigh for at least a fortnight.

If you like it, sign up to the Loyalty Club which gives big discounts.

I rate Dr Tabi Lesli , Consultant Dermatologist. I have gone to her regularly myself for eczema-related issues, and she’s a brilliant consultant. No gaslighting whatsoever, just simple and honest - she will sort you out with no funny business.

You might want to try the products from Simple. They significantly pare back on chemicals. Your skin will need a couple of weeks to adjust to your new facial routine. And if they don’t work for you, you won’t have spent a fortune.

That said, you might want to invest in good Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins. I use Cytoplan.

You might also want to see a dermatologist.

I get bad dry eczema skin, so I feel your pain. Really cut back on skincare and use barrier building skincare. I find using gentle toners useful to keep my skin supple. Klairs unscented never irritates my skin even at its worst.

Makeup wise, I find rosalique very good if my skin is dry red n flaky as it is green in colour. It literally knocks out the red. Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50 | Rosalique UK

Maybe it could be your makeup or skincare tool which has irritate the skin. Try buying new tools or washing your old ones and see if that could help xx

Could you share your current AM/PM skin routine. There may be something thats causing your eash thst a fresh perspective may notice? Hope tour rash calms diwn soon

Hi I use Rosalique for my face it’s green so don’t be alarmed :flushed: it blends well use frequently because it really helps your skin to stay blemish free!

Have you had your teeth whitened recently? Or any dental treatment? Sometimes the spray can cause problems with skin.
I have very sensitive skin and would recommend Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range, particularly the cleanser which you can wipe off with tissue rather than using water to avoid flare ups from water too. The barrier repair is incredibly useful.