Skin looking dull and tired what do I need? Age 29

Suggestions for skincare products to improve skin as looking dull and quiet tired currently. Fairly combination skin.

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It’s all about vitamin C - topically and orally. When my skin is looking dull, I take two sachets of Altrient C daily (one in the morning and one at lunch) and lots of vitamin C serum. Currently loving Naturium’s vitamin C serum, you can find it at Space Nk, it’s surprisingly affordable! NATURIUM Vitamin C Complex Serum | Space NK


Vitamin C will be your friend for this! It’s expensive but Skinceuticals C E Ferulic has been game-changing for my complexion recently - it really has brightened it and got rid of any dead, dull cells.

If you’re on more of a budget, try La Roche Posay or Paula’s Choice. I also love the Paula’s Choice BHA Exfoliant: Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant - Travel Size | Paula's Choice

It gives skin such a speedy overhaul and removes any dull cells swiftly but without irritating your skin x

I believe this is the best skin cream you will ever find.

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I currently use this for my skin and it works wonders! I highly rate this Vitamin C serum