Skincare for Eczema

Hey, this question will likely be quite niche but I suffer from eczema - typically on the face and it can be quite chronically dry and flaky. If anyone else out there suffers, I’d love to know what skincare products make a difference. Everything I’ve tried just makes me drier; Cerave products, La Roche Posey, Weleda Skin food, Palmers Vitamin E oil, Inkey serums. I do also take a number of supplements; Omegas, Magnesium, multi B Vitamin, Vitamin D. Would love any recommendations if anyone has any. Thank you :pray:

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Hi Ciara - My GP recommended Eucerin Urea Repair Plus 10% Urea Lotion 250ml because she used it herself - I’ve been using it on patches/dry areas plus my legs for the last couple of years and found it works for me.

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If it’s something that you’ve tried lots of things for with no success, it would be worth considering a consultation with a dermatologist. It may save you buying a lot of unsuccessful product (and frustration!) in the future. Good luck :heart:

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Hi Ciara Louise

I always recommend this - it really does work: Eternal Skincare.

Buy the unscented product. You can add a couple of drops of your favourite facial oil at night. Stick with this cream and in a few weeks your eczema will be gone.

I find Eternal Skincare better than any of the well-known brands I have tried and I would not use anything else. (Do read the customer reviews on the website for validation.)

The code ESWCLUB gives a discount on two tubs of the cream.

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Hi Ciara,
I have suffered the same and have gone through the process of trying loads. I now use Avene tolderance cream and stick to a very simple routine. It’s really made a difference.

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Eczema is such a pain when it flares up! I do agree re seeing a dermatologist if nothing works - or your GP as first port of call. It could be you’re allergic to some key ingredients too?

I do rate this:él-deep-moisture-spray-150ml-for-dry-sensitive-skin-10302564?cm_mmc=bmm-buk-google-ppc-_-PLAs_HeroCompare-_--_-PMax:+UK_Smart_Shopping_Skincare&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwyJqzBhBaEiwAWDRJVMRjK14ZamnP4yd2jNfYh-wGG7nEV8W7Ly2WTmLhBz9SQ7MoN-FVzxoC1g0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Very soothing and calming! I second Avene too from Laura’s recommendation. x

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Lately ive had a flare up around my lips and im struggling to find the best products to bring that back under control. However, i also struggle with eczema on my hands and find that cotton gloves with Centraben Pro Hydrate Five Intensely Hydrating Overnight Recovery really good for keeping it at bay. Also Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Hand Cream during the day.

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I always swear by Olatum my skin at the back of my neck near my hair line often flares up and can become quite raw. This is the only thing that soothes it without stinging and eventually does heal it.

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This year, I experienced eczema for the first time, primarily affecting my face and the area around my eyes. It was incredibly painful, and I understand the desire to be free of it. Thankfully, I am now eczema-free, and I’d like to share the various methods that helped me achieve this…

**Skin Care **

  • FaceTheory JobaJoba oil
  • Balmonds
  • Avene Ciclafate

I applied the products in this order (still do), and my skin is the best it’s ever been. I also use a red light mask at night before bed and I think both the red light (stimulates collagen) and the relaxation (reduces cortisol) helps


  • increased the amount of fish and meat I was eating and stopped eating vegetarian dinners etc
  • I worked with someone based in the US and we both agreed that my flare could have been caused by stress and a histamine intolerance. I removed all histamine foods: banana, tomato, chilli, broth, lentils, chickpeas etc


  • Started taking Milk Thistle and Glutathione to support DAO pathway and liver detoxification
  • I already use Wild Nutrition Multivitamin, Magnesium and a immune supplement

For around 4 days I took Benadryl and Ibuprofen also, and will still take them on occasion when I feel any tightening. I’m not one to take any medication and so I think I had a good response to this as I’m quite sensitive.

I hope this helps x

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I used to have eczema, now my skin is just dry really and I love Cetraben for face and body, and also Aveeno Skin Relief Body Oil Spray on my body after showering.

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I’d recommend looking at the brand Odylique particularly their Repair Lotion and Ultra Rich Balm. Moisturiser for Eczema Prone Skin | Cream for Itchy Skin | Aloe Vera Cream It always works for me and you can order a small sachet to try it first.

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Hi! I randomly developed extremely bad eczema when I turned 20. I had no idea why and I hadn’t changed any of my products or do anything differently! My eczema was so bad i would refuse to leave my apartment because I would get stares and my whole face was inflamed, red, flaky, and just looked horrendous. I tried to go to a dermatologist who told me it was maybe an allergy with my products and turns out it wasn’t that. I developed an allergy to gluten! Yes, apparently, that can happen, even over night. I cut out gluten completely for three months and it healed my eczema. I now eat gluten but i limit it (example: one food with gluten a week) and sometimes I do more for holidays and what not. I do notice I get little eczema patches on my neck when my body tells me I have eaten too much gluten. I would suggest going gluten free for a couple months :slight_smile: It’s not ideal, but i would rather take out gluten most of the time than have to deal with the state of my eczema from before. Plus, gluten free pasta is not all that bad! Barilla makes amazing gluten free pasta.

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