Sleep mask

Does anyone recommend a particular eye mask for sleeping in? I have a run of the mill silk mask which has made a real difference to my sleep however the fit isn’t fabulous. There’s so many options I’d love recommendations


I love these thick silk ones from Drowsy Sleep Co Midnight Blue – drowsysleepco

They’re really comfy, completely blackout and don’t slip off. Couldn’t recommend them more!


The Desmond and Dempsey ones are gorge Women’s eye masks

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This is a game changer…

Obsessed with the Drowsy masks! x

Agree with the ladies - Drowsy is the best but I also have one from Asceno which is the softest and most comfy I’ve come across!

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I have one of these which isn’t the most chic, however it is the comfiest fit!

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Drowsy - especially as you can adjust the tightness! Or any silk eye mask (I had one in a set from 111skin and that’s fab, although a little too big!). There’s also these Spacemasks heating eye masks which I love to use as a treat - so relaxing Spacemasks Eye Mask Pack | Liberty x

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