Small dining room table decor

My husband is the only one who eats at the table so we’ve just downsized because it was turning in to a dumping ground for mail, parcels, laundry, DIY stuff - everything but it’s intended use!
I’m looking for simple ideas to decorate our now tiny dining room table… I love fresh flowers :bouquet: and we go seem to go through a lot of napkins
Should we keep it set or just leave it bare? Tablecloth or no tablecloth?

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I think if you style a dining table, it’s more likely to look lovely and less likely to become a dumping ground! If the table ties in with the rest of your decor, I’d leave it bare, but if not, cover it with a tablecloth to make it work with the rest of the space. Then I like to either have a vase of flowers (there are some really good brands of faux flowers these days so you don’t have to keep replacing them - try Ett Hem London - or a eye-catching bowl for fruit - on my table I have this one in blue from Henry Holland - I love the elevated foot! Green & White Medium Chalice – Henry Holland Studio

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If you have a good table, I’d keep it bare. But if you’d like to give a fresh look, there are so many great linen tablecloths out there at the moment. Either a lovely vase with some faux flowers, perhaps a lacquer tray with some beautiful candles on or a mega bowl piled high with fruit. Anthropologie do a great selection of bowls.

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Thank you for the suggestions, I’m quite liking the idea of faux flowers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a small oval 4 seater table and there’s just 2 of us, we have a vase in the middle. Flowers can be super costly so I add gypsophila (3 bunches), this usually costs around £6 and they last for a month before I replace them. They also look stunning and give a good clean girl aesthetic

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The table is white and I love gypsophila, so might get a few faux flowers as suggested by @LauraBlack
Plus one of these two diffusers from Rituals

Oriental Vetiver


Thank you everyone for all the ideas! xx