Soho birthday dinner with friends


I’m celebrating my birthday at the end of January (late thirties) and would like a recommendation for a fun dinner spot in Soho for three couples.

Thank you!


I’d really recommend Sucre, delicious food, interiors & a really fun vibe. Also Mountain and Kettner’s both great too!

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Love Sucre and they have a fun bar downstairs.

also Kapara which opened last year has amazing food and vibe

There are some really nice ideas in here:

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Bob Bob Ricard is really fun :champagne:… also another vote for Kettners food and cocktails great :ok_hand:t2:

Any of the following would be great:

  • Kapara (Middle Eastern)
  • Milk Beach (Australian)
  • Noble Rot (Modern European)
  • Bancone (Pasta)
  • Kave (hidden / speakeasy vibe)
  • Ducksoup (Modern European - cosy vibes)
  • Mountain (BRAT sister restaurant)